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Cap Gemini SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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how to validate either processing view is already exist or not?

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can u create more than one selection screen?

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how many application servers that u r client have?

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what is the difference between function module alv and oop alv.

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how to send the form to mail?

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how to field properties are set with **** as a password.

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in start of selection if we perform validation ,what happens?

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what is the button to change the variant in alv?

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what is meant by filtration in alv? how to do it?

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what r the text elements in scripts?

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can u send the results from report to sap memory?

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how we can do transfer data from oracle/access to our sap R/3 system by using call transaction(recording) or session method. pls reply on my id:

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what are steps of smart form. pls complete step mail me on

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which table stores the online messages?

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are all BAPI S are autocommited? if not what should we do?

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Cap Gemini SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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