Is it possible to place a Logical name in a data table and
can use that logical name in the script? Tell me with
mentioning function names..?

Is it possible to place a Logical name in a data table and can use that logical name in the script?..

Answer / winrunner

Yes it's possible to place logical names in a data table and
use in the script.
First create the data table with logical Names.
and in the script
use ddt_open() statment to open the data table.
ddt_get_row_count() to know the records in the data table.
Loop with that..
set the row with ddt_set_row() ..
get the value from the data table using
ddt_val(datatable,col_Name) and store this in a variable
Let's say var1.
assign this value to the function ..
suppose the logical name "OK" stored in the data table.
so var1="OK"
use that variable in Let's say button_press(var1).

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