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Accenture Informatica Interview Questions
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Hi, Can someone send me the DWH and Informatica FAQ's at Thanks in Advance, preeti

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Diff B/W MAP Parameter, SESSION Paramater, DataBase connection session parameters.? Its possible to Create 3parameters at a time? If Possible which one will fire FIRST?

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Suppose we have a (assume relational) source table Product_Id Month Sales 1 Jan x 1 Feb x . . . . . . 1 Dec x 2 Jan x 2 Feb x . . . . . . 2 Dec x 3 Jan x 3 Feb x . . . . . . 3 Dec x . . . . . . and so on. Assume that there could be any number of product keys and for each product key the sales figures (denoted by 'x' are stored for each of the 12 months from Jan to Dec). So we want the result in the target table in the following form. Product_id Jan Feb March.. Dec 1 x x x x 2 x x x x 3 x x x x . . So how will you design the ETL mapping for this case , explain in temrs of transformations.

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How to convert flat file into xml file? How to tune joiner?

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3. Suppose Seq Gen is supplying a increamental value to a column of a table, suppose, table's column value reaches to maximum value, then what will happen, will the session fail? If it is the situation, then what should be done so that we can stop this kind of situation in advance?

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what is shared lookup&persistent lookup?

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what are the unix commands to start the wrk flow ?

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What is the difference Between Mapping parameter and variable

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What is update override?

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How can u insert o ne row in the target if that row does not exists in the target and update if it exists

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what are the limitations for bulk loading in informatica for all kind of databases and transformations?

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1.what is SDLC of a project,explain in detail? 2.what are dimensions,facts?what is confirmed dimensions? 3.what is the need of OLTP? when we have datawarehousing?

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how to join the 2 different table with different columns in informatica?

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How to load the source table into flat file target(with columns) in informatica?

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when will we use unconnected & connected lookup? How it will effect on the performance of mapping?

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Accenture Informatica Interview Questions

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