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Accenture Informatica Interview Questions
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what is data modelling? what are types of modelling?In which suituation will use each one?

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can u explain me banking domain projects ? and in banking domain projects how many dimension tables and how many fact tables and how to load source and targets in mapping level plese expain give me one example?

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write a query to remove null value follwing table? col1 col2 col3 dinesh null null null suresh null null null prakesh i want the output col1 col2 col3 dinesh suresh prakesh

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write sql query to remove null value following table id name 101 dinesh null jyothi null bharathi 102 suresh null shilpha 103 prakesh null suma i want the output id name 101 dinesh 102 suresh 103 prakesh

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write asql query to filter improper date format? date 20-apr 11-mar-2010 30-may-2010 feb-2009 i want the output date 11-mar-2010 30-may-2010

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I cleared Informatica certification Designer. if anybody need dumps, can contact at

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write sql query following source table jan feb mar apr 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 100 200 300 i want the output format like month total jan 1500 feb 900 mar 1200 apr 1500

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What is the difference between warehouse key and surrogate key?

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If we have 1000 rows were loaded in to datawarehouse and next day the source have 1010 rows so, how can we loaded only updated rows into target.

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How to improve the session performance in informatica?

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My source is flat file which contain only one column with data type i want to send string data types into one target and if any numbers and special characters are there that should be send it into another how do you design a mapping for this?

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From where you extract the data, how you did it into informatica? explain....

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What are your source in project and how you import in informatica? How can i explain abt this?

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What are events in workflow manager?

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explain one complex mapping with logic? sales project?


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Accenture Informatica Interview Questions

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