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Accenture ASP.NET Interview Questions
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Types of values mode can hold session state in Web.Config?

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Tell about WebService in Asp.Net?

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What is Http handler?

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What is view state and how this can be done and was this there in asp?

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Types of optimization and name a few ?

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how to use web services with code?(with example code)

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what is impersonation in ASP.NET?

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Difference between DataGid and Girdview? Difference b/w .Net 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 ? Diff b/w dispose & Finialize Methods?


When should we use abtract class and Interface Class?Give an Example

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difference between Trace and Debug ?

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What is HTTPModule and HTTPcontext? What is the use of each?


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What Are Different Types of Debbugers

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How To Send Value one page to Another Page On MasterMenu Click ? please Tell Me!

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In, how can you validate drop down box?


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Accenture ASP.NET Interview Questions

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