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Accenture ASP.NET Interview Questions
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How does Garbage collector(GC) works in .net

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Difference between asp and

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How do you do exception management?

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If you are using components in your application, how can you handle exceptions raised in a component?


Can we throw exception from catch Block?

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How do you relate an aspx page with its code behind Page?

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What are the types of assemblies and where can u store them and how a private assembly is used only by a single application, and is stored in that application's install directory (or a subdirectory therein)?

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What is web.config. How many web.config files can be allowed to use in an application?

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What is difference between machine.config and Web.Config?

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What is shared and private assembly?

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What are asynchronous callbacks?


How to write unmanaged code and how to identify whether the code is managed /unmanaged?

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How to authenticate users using Web.Config ?

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What is strong name and which tool is used for this?

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What is gacutil.exe? Where do we store assemblies, Should sn.exe be used before gacutil.exe?

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Accenture ASP.NET Interview Questions

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