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What is Cardinality

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What is Cardinality..

Answer / itesh biswal

Simple man

carnality and join are 2 diff things ,u can see in ur
cognos application u will be having 1:n the first part
explains u about the join and the second part tells u the
cardinality ,if in ur 1st part its 1:1 then equi ,if 1:0
then outer if 0:1 then outer if 0:0 its full outer

and the second part tell u the cardinality remember
cardinality never change the query output ,it only identify
the fact and dimension which is very important ,u remember
if u have muti-star schema then it should write two query
depend on two fact ,so pls do it correctly ,
1:n represents fact
1.1 represents dim

Check where is ur measure, put many in that cardinality


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What is Cardinality..

Answer / bhaskar reddy

cardnality is the nature of the relationship. 1-1,1-many
relation ships

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What is Cardinality..

Answer / bijayapanda

cardinality is nothing but relation between tables like 1
to 1, 1 to many and many to many.

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What is Cardinality..

Answer / shaik .mahaboob basha

cardinality specifies the nature of relationships between
the query subjects.
it is numeric notation .
the first type says about the type of join ie.,inner or
outer join
and second one says about the number of records

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What is Cardinality..

Answer / p.krishnamohan

Cardinality is defined as howmany times a value of a p.k
can be used as a f.k in the dependent table.

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What is Cardinality..

Answer / bhoom

cardinality is the nature of the relation between two
query items

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