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HCL Interview Questions
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What is the reason for getting the dialouge box( send this error to microsoft giving options as send to microsoft and dont send ) when we abort from the any work when it was struck.

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WhY PF low at Time of PT Missing in HT Meter

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When One Phase PT Missing (voltage drop ) this time current is zero of This phase(PT Missing Phase) and current is Not Zero of other Phase but PF is always Low That Why


Is there any way to retrieve content of the image i.e If image contains text... how to retrieve in silk test In QTP there is GetVisibleText is there any function similar to this in silktest...

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how to configure exchange user account in thunderbird at windows xp

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How would you do " Keeping two folders in sync testing"


write a script to display mirror image of a entered value and also check whether Palindrome

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how choose conductor&depending upon load


how is choose &depending upon the load why?

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Difference between UPS and Inverter?

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what is the difference between varray and table data type..please expalain with some examples... under what situation you will go for varray..instead of index by table...

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which one will take 1st priority in case of insert statement and select statement???

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what is the meaing of calibration curve?

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Can store procedure call by user define function in SQL server?

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what is a c-language.what is do.

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HCL Interview Questions

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What were your testing responsibilities at your previous employer?


hi every body i am master student in control engineering and my project is slip control in trains i assumed a Dc motore as traction motor but i don't have characteristics of this kind of motor that is used in train. i want from every body if he or she has the characteristics or information about Dc motor that is used in train give me those information or technical characteristics .


Difference between taggregatedrow and taggregatesortedrow in talend


Explain the working of any one cutting machine


defference between menu and context menu in


• The silicon of a new device has memory leak. When all "0" are written into RAM, it reads back all "0" whithout any problem. When all "1" are written, only 80% of memory cells are read back correctly. What can be possibly the problem with the RAM?


What is tomcat used for?


As per the Anchor capstan motor specification, full load current is 200A. starting current is 1750 A and acceleration time is less than 8 seconds. Please guide for selection of cable size.


How do I delete a table in word 2013?


Where is the Mapper Output stored?


Who needs a key?


Formula for calculating the volume of bulb in underreamed pile


Tell me at what frequency voice is sampled?


What are the different areas of sociology?


What is the difference between css3 and css4?