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HCL Interview Questions
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write a c++ code to overload + and - for a stack class such that + provides push and - provides pop operation

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Why data link layer is divided into two layers?

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What is the difference between static and dynamic testing?

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What is transister

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What is A BI Ap;plication?

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what is ip

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Explain working of PIU(Power Interface Unit) in Telecommunication,

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Brief me about maintenance planning & sheduling of machine tool.


is java supprot the complier time pollymorphism or run time pollymorphism ... why


hi i m bhawna ,a student of mca want to know about what type of technical question has been asked in an interview of mnc's like HCL,TCS,WIPRO

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How can we check whether A S M instance is up or down?


Differance between field status variant and field status group

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which velocity is used to convert time section to depth section

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we convert 66kv to 33kv then 33kv to 11kv,11kv to 440v.why not we convert directly from 66kv to440v?

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void main() { int i=5; printf("%d",i+++++i); }

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HCL Interview Questions

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