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HCL Interview Questions
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why the pic micro controller have three timers

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What are the impact on network when gc,schema master,domainnaming master,rid master,pdc emulator,infrastructure master is down?

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what is transformer


what is diffrance between NAT & PAT

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what is boiler

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Is 2 is a prime no?? Why?

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how to see unallocated hard disk space on linux

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Difference between struts1.2 and struts2.0?

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What is PET Model? Overview of Pet model and benefits of it?

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3.Which type of fading cause serious distortion of modulated signal a)selective fading b)interference fading c)absorption fading d)polarization fading

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why we call c++ is object oriented lanaguage

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how osi layers works tell me in detail i m facing so much of problems with osi layers plz kindly mail me on this question

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what is use of the createWindow object

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What is North Bridge and South Bridge?

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what is modem

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HCL Interview Questions

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