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HCL Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is traceability Matrix??

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How do we find pass and fail percentage of Test cases. Anybody can give answer to me. Thanks in advance

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What it RTM and what are the columns in that matrix, anybody can explain it, Thanks in advance..

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define integration testing ,gui testing and functional testing

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Define V -model with diagram

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Hi frnz!! Can we do the Testing without writing Test Cases, but only posting the bugs in the BMS?

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what is the use of a tester.Even admin or developer others can do testing What is the main advantage of atester. why do testing team need testers.

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what is mean security testing ? define with example

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What is the need for testing?What is the Outcome of Testing? What is the Purpose of Testing? When to start and Stop Testing?

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What is the Diff between Code Walkthrough & Code Review? What is the diff between walkthrough and inspection? What is meant by GUI Testing?


what is the difference between regression testing and re testing..?

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what is release notes?and when it is prepared and who prepares that?.

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what is mean by testing process ?

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What is PET Model? Overview of Pet model and benefits of it?

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I am new to Testing , my question is Integration Testing is a BlockBox Testing or White box testing ? please give me a answer .....

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Post New HCL Manual Testing Interview Questions

HCL Manual Testing Interview Questions

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