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HCL Manual Testing Interview Questions
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how will you clarify the requirements

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please make me understand what is client server and web application?

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manual&automation testing

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What is an audit report? Whom is it done by?


What is the diff between retest bug and regression bug?

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Who will give the Priority and Severity?

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How to perform the end to end testing or system testing for the Railway ticket booking application?

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What is Stub and Driver ? What functions are used in stubs and driver?

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If there is non reproducible bug which developer is not ready to agree, how you will convince him.

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If there are so many bugs open and still the client want the s/w what will you do?

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write test case for gmail sign up page ?

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You have raised a priority 1 bug that needs to be fixed for release tonight, the developer concerned is refusing to fix this, what do you do and why?

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1 Test Case can covert How many scenario? OR how many scenario can cover 1 test case.?

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hi.... plz tell me what all kinds of documents/reports are required for manual testing of a simple website(simple static pages). in a organization.

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what r u r responsibilities in current project


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HCL Manual Testing Interview Questions

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