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HCL Manual Testing Interview Questions
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There is a defect leekage to production environment after release. How to convince the client and what has to be done to retain the client

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1] Test Management Tool ? 2] What is tracebility Matrix? 3] What is RTM ? 4] What Is Functional testing 5] What is Regration Testing and Sanity Testing 6] Diff in Sanity and Functional Tetsing 7] Integration Tetsing 8] Diff in Primary Key and Unique Key -Should pass primary Key as null 9] What is composit Key 10] Defect Management tool in detail 11] What is Seviarity and Priority 12] Composite Key

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can you tell me scenarios for login page?

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How many TC you have written?How many TC you can write in a day?How many TC can you execute in a day?

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what type of quetion may be asked for experienced person in manual tester of 1 year?


what is product backlog...

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HCL Manual Testing Interview Questions

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