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HCL CCNA Interview Questions
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What is difference between standard and extended access-list

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how to troubleshoot when protocols is down and link is not getting up

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How we ping ICMP a NIC with a correct IP address but with wrong MAC address Do all NIC's can run inpromiscuous mode

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what is the difference between hdlc and ppp protocol

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how many pass word you can configure on cisco 2500 router

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what is frame relay.and how it is different from isdn

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as we know that isdn bri port come with either a u interface or some thing s/t interface what is the diffrenmce between them

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Request any body to explain the parameters of Ipsec vpn tunnel while creating a tunnel in Cisco ASA.

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from last ten days i watched that no any new questions are placed in ccna plz place the questions it is very use full to beginers like us

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In transport layer, for connection oriented communication Three way handshake process is there to establish a connection. So question is that, when a host send an ACK messages to another host with host intend to establish a connection, the source host send it as Broadcast or unicast message? Cud anyone explain this. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jitendera, Wat do u do..?? I mean r u working anywhere???? Basically where r u from??? If u don't hv any problem, u can say..?? Or else mail me


What are the difference between IPv4 & IPv6?? Can anyone explain more details about it..!!

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what is diffrence between circit switching and packet switching

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what is leased line and if any issue occur what will u do thai is trouble shootin occurs let leased line is down

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What is BGP attribute & How many types of attributes are used by BGP???

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HCL CCNA Interview Questions

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