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HCL CCNA Interview Questions
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what is subnetting?

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what is eigrp and what is the benfit of eigrp over igrp what is route summryization if one the router route is not showing the what should be problem how to resolve these problem what is fessible suceer. is the load balncing is one of the property of eigrp what is the metihod of authantication what is the diffrnec betwee pap and chap what is stp command for enabling stp and rstp why switching loop occur what is the main factor of ocuring switch loop what is the mechnaism for stoping the roting loop what is best diffrence betwwen ospf v1 nad ospf v2 what is vtp what is the diffrence between vtp version 1 and veron 2 what is the ip address what is the diffrence betwwen ip address mac address what is dhcp and how it work what is 3 way hand shake what is the difrence betwwen network id and brodcast id what is the network id for what is the command for enabling vlan on 3650 csco switch

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Hi, Can any one please tell me the experience of their CCNA interview,and please tell me all the questions they asked in the interview. Many Thanks...


why we use AS no. in IGRP and EIGRP?

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how to shutdown a Cisco router from command prompt?

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what is distance vector protocol link state protocol and what is the diffrence between them

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How does a web page works though each layers ?

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I received a call from client that network is down. We have 100 or 1000 of switches and routers so how could we find the client switch and its port number? and useful commands to find this ?

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How can we configure Inter-VLAN in Layer 3 Switch? Remember one thing without Router.

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What is VLSM ?

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What is subnetting and supernetting and its uses?

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Difference between routed and routing protocols not difference between protocol between those.

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Describe ICMP messages

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What will transport layer do when data coming from session layer. They asked about intial operation(3 - way handshake)

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Operation of two PC connecting with brand new switches. (they expecting step by step arp ,broadcast,MAC table, RARP operation)

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HCL CCNA Interview Questions

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