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CTS SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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Hi, can any one tell me the follwoing question's answer 1.How can we validate single selection screen field and multiple selection screen field in report and also in module pool programming.pls give answer in brief with example. 2.What is search help ? pls tell search help type breifly with example?

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when are this three events fired and tell me whuich event is fired first ,second and third --- at selection - screen, at selection -screen output, and at selection- screen on value request.

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can we fetch data , when we write a select query under end - of - selection event.

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write the codes for how to fetch data from a select query written under end-of-setection event.

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how ro trigger a top of page in alv report?

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how to cal driver program in smart forms??

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dofference between templates and tables in smartforms?

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When writing BDC for MM01 how do you take care of views?

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what is code to upload cost centers through call trans. and procedure


How we will handle the Page Breaking in Smart Form?

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How to type casting in OOPS ABAP and ABAP ?

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SAP query how to use end users?


Which method is faster among 4 methods used in LSMW.?

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CTS SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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