Open-Form and Start-Form?

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Open-Form and Start-Form?..

Answer / arjun manglekar


The function module OPEN_FORM opens form printing. You must
call this function module before you can use any other form

You need not specify a form name. If you omit the name, you
must use the function module START_FORM to open a form
before starting the output.

You must end form printing by using the function module
CLOSE_FORM. Otherwise, the system does not print or display

Within a program, you can use several OPEN_FORM..
CLOSE_FORM pairs. This allows you to write output to
several different spool requests from within one program.


In-between the function modules OPEN_FORM and CLOSE_FORM,
you can use different forms. This allows you to combine
several different forms into one print output. However, you
can combine only those forms that have the same page format.

To switch forms, use the function module START_FORM. If
another form is still open, you must close it first using

If you specify no form name when calling START_FORM, the
system restarts the last open form. If after OPEN_FORM no
form was activated yet, the system leaves the function
module with the exception UNUSED.

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Open-Form and Start-Form?..

Answer / shameer

Open form : to open a form with default page sequence from 1
to x.
start form : its used when u want to take control of the
page sequence to be triggered like u want the 3rd page first
then 5th then 4th if u want such a seq u go with start form.

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Open-Form and Start-Form?..

Answer / gayathri

open-form: to open a form

start_form:to trigger a form from another form

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Open-Form and Start-Form?..

Answer / sateesh r

Open-form :
generally used in script, to write the driver program.
By using this open a script form by loafding into memory.

Start-form : By using dis we can call another sap script in
the current sap script(form).

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