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how do u find whether a record is locked or not??

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how do u find whether a record is locked or not??..

Answer / sachin k gupta

Command DSPRCDLCK - Display record lock

Sachin Kr Gupta

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how do u find whether a record is locked or not??..

Answer / samul

in rpg,*PSSr routine will call
u need to handle *status = 01218.
and while reading the record(If file is in update mode)

Klist Chain(N) Record

N: Extender to avoid the record lock whne file is in
update mode


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how do u find whether a record is locked or not??..

Answer / shishir

wrkobjlck : this command is basically used to find weather record of file is lock or not

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how do u find whether a record is locked or not??..

Answer / ravi shankar porwal

One of the way is Use commond - CHKRCDLCK.

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