parameters cannot be passed in which one??

Answer / anu


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I am Submitting one job in batch that job calls three progams(PGMA, PGMB, PGMC). PGMB should be called after sucessfully completion of PGMA as like for PGMC also. So Can you please tell me how can we do that (without using data area)

2 Answers   CTS,

How to find d key field of a pf that doesn’t have source physical file?

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what is decimal data error? when it will come and how to achieve(rectify) this error please give me solution as well as code

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How to identify the object has compiled with the debug view as *source without using STRDBG?

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Need a sql query: retrive all duplicate records in table

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How do you do indexing in a physical file?

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In how many ways a session/device error occurs,,, and what is the remedy for it?

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How do you know if a record exists without doing a READ and CHAIN?

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Setps to create .csv file on IFS folder in AS/400( V4R3)....?

3 Answers   TCS,

What is the compilation option that has to he specified while compiling an RPC program which uses a file having date data type field?

3 Answers   HSBC, IBM,

The RP program is displaying records 11 times .But there are 10 records in a pf.(ie last record is displayed twice).How to display records only 10 times?

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In case if I want to know whether a record exists in a file, which one do you prefer CHAIN or a SETLL and why ?

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