How do you carry usability testing?

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Answer / prabhu

Testing the user friendliness of the software, it depends on
the end user and application.

Please correct me if i m wrong.

Prabhu Subramanian
CSS India Pvt Ltd.

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Answer / intel

Testing for 'user-friendliness'. Clearly this is
subjective, and will depend on the targeted end-user or

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Answer / lakshmana rekha basu

Usability Testing is nothing but testing an intended user
of the system can carry out the intnded task efficiently.

usually this testing is done before going to production
by then all the bugs found are fixed and closed.

the test scenarios are used to verify the usability.

mainly the participants are atleast:
1 user representetive
1 test host
1 dveloper
1 business representetive.
usually observers are in seperate rooms or on seperate
machines,and no.of sessions they do is depend on the
complexity of the application.
usually in about 10 session most of the uncovered issues
can be found.

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Answer / pragati m pawar

usability testing means "EASE OF USE OF THE PRODUCT",
surely it depends on the end user. it determines how the
application(Product)is easy to understand and how its easy
to execute so surely it depends on the end user.

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Answer / manjunath

Testing the application for physically challenged person point of view is called usabality testing we use tools called a-prompt and infocus for ex: if a person is having eye defect he cannot see the mandatory field mark(*)if its in yellow color for this purpose every website mandatory fields will be marked with red color

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