Whats a difference between Verification Point and
Syncronization point?

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Answer / guest

Synchronization point in WR is to wait for the application
to perform some action. in otherwards WR waits for
application's response

Verification point is to check the expected and actual

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Answer / illur iqbal............new del

Synchronization points enable you to solve anticipated
timing problems between the test and your application. For
example, if you create a test that opens a database
application, you can add a synchronization point that
causes the test to wait until the database records are
loaded on the screen.

Verification Point: This is used to check the Actual and
Expected Results of an Excuted test.

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Answer / k.prakash

Verification Point: Verifies the object Properties

Syncronization point: Will test the appliction with delays

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Answer / allin

verification point:- compare the expected value and actual
Syncronization point:-control is going to wait for before
line proper execution. for example, if u are executing a
TSL script 1......10 lines of script. suppose in 5th line
button_press("search")functionality existed; search will take
more time to execute that statement if u compare with other
statements.That means control should wait upto search results
should be displayed. but the control is going to execute the
next line. user should not allow the control to execute next
line.so that we r inserting synchronization points with wait()
or wait_info() functions.
ratna rao

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Answer / radha

Verification point is used for to check the application or
application functionality against expected results.
Synchronization point is used for to instruct Winrunner to
wait for a certain response from the application during a
test run.

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Answer / kumar raju

verification point is nothing but check points in wr. it is
used to compare the EV with AV

Synchronization point is used to map the speeds of both the
tool and the AUT

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