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Accenture Accounting General Interview Questions
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How can pass the entry stock goods loss by fire or theft

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Provison for payments (benefits received but bill not received at the closing of accounts)(utilites, Telephone, Rent)

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What is the meaning of Trial Blance?

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what is p2p and waht is the p2p cycle

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what is o2c and cycle

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what is payment written


What is invoice processing can u explain it?


purchase rice 2 bags rs.7500 and vat charges @5% what is the answer...

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what is journal entry for the credit sales and purchases

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Foreign currency Valuation

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what is a finance

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what is journal entry for "Interest allowed by bank" and where does it come in pass book??

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please tell me the 'R2R' interview questions and answers ?

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Why an Expenditure is called Differed?


R2R profile required which kinds of work in accounting ?

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Accenture Accounting General Interview Questions

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