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What is the performance testing approach ?

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What is the performance testing approach ?..

Answer / gopu

1)Plan the load test
2)Creating script
3)Creating scenario
4)Execute the scenario
5)Monitor the scenario
6)Analyzing the test result

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What is the performance testing approach ?..

Answer / madhu

1. Identify the senarios using machine critical heavy
throughput methodologies.

2.Create the script for identified transactions shown in
step 1

3.Enhance the script(It should be realastic(Think time ,
pacing,run logic,and Parameterization)

4.create work load models using historical data or web
server logs

5.Run the senario which should pump proper load using work
load models.

6.Monitor online graphs (use vmstat, iostat,top,netstat,)

7.Analyze the results and also online graphs.

8.Prepare the Document which should have all the above steps

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What is the performance testing approach ?..

Answer / my name is chandra sekhar.k

The performance testing approach or life cycle are
Requirement gathering-test plan-developing the scripts-execute the scenarios-monitoring the scenarios-preparing-the reports-identify the bottle
Necks stages and etc.

My name is chandra sekhar.K

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What is the performance testing approach ?..

Answer / dillesh

Feasability Phase: Project Kick off meeting
Feasibility study
Licesnse requirements

Initiation Phase: Project Kick-off
Information gathering
Identification of Business transactions

Planning Phase: Test plan preparation
Test plan review
Test plan sign off
Resource and duration estimation
Schedule preparation
Test data / test bed preparation

Script Preparation Phase: Script creation
Script enhancement
Script debuging

Scenario Management Phase: Scenario Preparation
Scenario Execution

Analysis Phase: General Analysis
Bottleneck identification
Cross run analysis

Reports Phase: Performance Test report preparation & Signoff

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