different types of performance testing

different types of performance testing..

Answer / sunny

load testing,stress testing,volume testing

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What is the difference between Group and Scenario in Load Runner Controller terminology?

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hello all can anybody give the total analysis guidance in load runner.thanks & regards siva2574@gmail.com

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where we can see the graphs in Loadrunner when it is use ? (Chandana)

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What is the purpose of a loadrunner transaction?

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how much memory will allocate for 1 vuser?

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Hi, How can we know that the app deployed in Weblogic Server in percentage?

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what is the difference between placing a think time in between trasaction and the end of the transaction

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Recognize why and when to use verification?

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What is the exactly use of webserver and Application server in Load Runner.

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What is a rendezvous point?

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What are monitors?

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What are deliverables in performance test analysis ?

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