different types of performance testing

different types of performance testing..

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load testing,stress testing,volume testing

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Difference b/w URL and HTML modes in LR?

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I need to have a price list for HP loadRunner tool (Analysis, Controller, VU generator) for different number of VU (for example 100 VU,200Vu ,500VU) for performing stress testing. and if there is any mandatory support fees or anything related. i know that companies might get discounts but i need the standard price list as i am planning to purchase the loadrunner but i need to know the price list before ,which will be very helpful if anybody can help. //Hint I need the protocol which contains Oracle web application and Siebel-web i think which is Oracle E-business protocol Thanks

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what is the alternative of web_reg_find function?

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Can u plz tell me what r the functions available in load runner and how to write userdefined functions and what are they?

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What is think time? How do you change the threshold?

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What is memory leak.how do u find that?

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There is scenario. Total no. of transaction you have to done 1,00,000 in 8 Hour duration. One transaction taking time to complete 6 mins. how many Vusers you will run on this test.

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I am facing the active Screen Problem in loadrunner.While runnning the script active screen pop up is dispalying, always asking for username and password.This popup having OK,Cancel and HELP buttons.After clicking any OK or CANCEL button , then only it is moving to next step.What can i do? Please give any suggestion...

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How to increase the load on Server when number of users restricted?

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Explain the recording mode for web Vuser script?

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Need to know best institute where i can learn LR with live concepts... Please suggest if any one knows...

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