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Accenture Core Java Interview Questions
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If a multi threaded Java program has started numerous number of threads, at any point in time how to know which thread is currently executing/running ?

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define System.out.println(); what is the meaning!

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what is the difference between sleep() and Wait()?

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what is marker interface ? what is the necessity of it?

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what is main purpose of interface?

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Can you make an instance of an abstract class?

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What is Session and cookies?Explain in detail with an example?

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what is the output ? Math.floor(-2.1) a)2 b)-2 c)-3.0 d)0

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How to find the size of an array a)array.length() b)array.length c)array.size() d)array.size

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what is the Yield() method used in threads?

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System.out.println(101/14) what is the output? a)6 b)14 c)7.14 d)0

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when a servlet sends request for first time it uses the follwing methods a)init b)doget() c)dopost() d)service

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Accenture NJ mostly ask question on Collection like 1)How to sort Objcts and how treeset sort them 2)Explain mechanism of Hashcode finding in Java 3)Name some of the Sorted collection.

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IN java collections we have both interfaces and classes. instead of using interfaces why we can't use classes only like that why we can't use interfaces only. why we need two things interface and class.

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What code optimizations techniques you follow in general practice?

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Accenture Core Java Interview Questions

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