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Accenture Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what is a financial statement

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What is bank reconcilation a/c

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What is the treatment for 'DEFERRED REVENUE EXPENDITURE'?

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what is the journal entries of a debit/credit notes in the books of seller and purchaser's A/C.

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Suppose One asset purchased in 2006year and calculated SLN method depreciation @10%pa for value 100000. Now middle of the present year the assets was transfered to B company. How can we take the accounting for previous depreciation, asset value (transfer value) to debit B company. What is the asset status in BS.

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explain sales/purchase accounting?


what are the content of purchase order?


4) What is Journal Entry of 1) Credit Sales. 2) Credit sales with Discount. 3) Credit sales with VAT. 4) Outstanding Rent paid. 5) Credit Purchase. 6) Out standing wages paid. 7) Bank over draft 8) bank charges 9) Dishonor check

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Expand E M I

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Salry pai dto Sharma debited to Sharma account is it correct.If not correct rectify it

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what is sox ?

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Rams due of Rs 32500/- was settled thru adjustment of security deposit Rs 12000/-and the balance in cash.pass necessary entry

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what is deffered revanue expanditure

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what is the journal entry for credit sale and credit purchase?

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What is Provision of expenses?

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Accenture Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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