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Accenture SAP Basis Interview Questions
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how to configure jco connection from ep to backend(ECC or bw or crm) systems?

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where can u see the dead locks in sap?

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what is the TEMSE size?

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where i can find the file sapinfo.exe (to check the sap server is running or not through cmd "sapinfo.exe"). i have already check all the SAP GUI installation DVD and sap installation folder, please help, thanks in advance

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what type of files are created during the export?

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What is Extended memory & what is PXA/Program buffer?

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what is the difference between re-do and mirror log? How it is related with database backup? Please explain the database backup concept in detail. Thanks in advance.:) regards preeti.

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How to assign a mass Tables in Auth Group by using T-code:se54


What are the scripts you can create for security by using LSMW??


In which frequency your TR gets transported to other system?

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What is an interface in SAP?


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Accenture SAP Basis Interview Questions

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