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HCL Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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what are the applications of SR, D, MASTER SLAVE ,T and JK flip flop?

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if a crow sit on on current wire it will not fell current but a man touch it he get shock . why/

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how server differentiate different clients ie if you r using http application server listen through port 80 if all client using same http application then how?


what is encoder? mechanical encoder?

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What is difference between rocker switch and slide switch.

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Compare GSM and CDMA. And which one is better and why??

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where we use zenor diode

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How to work smps power supply?can you explain details?

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which semiconductor device is used as voltage regulator & why??

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what is tha address of program counter ?

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To build a MOD17 counter then how many flip flops are required?

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HCL Electronics Communications Interview Questions

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