What is virtual constructor paradigm?

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What is virtual constructor paradigm?..

Answer / malini

There is no concept like Virtual Constructor and where as
Constructor cant be virtual. Constructor is a code which is
responsible for creating a instance of a class and it cant
assigned to any other object by using appending
keyword 'virtual'

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What is virtual constructor paradigm?..

Answer / priyanka kokil

I want to modify the above answer. A constructor cannot be
virtual because at the time when the constructor is invoked
the virtual table would not be available in the memory.
Hence we cannot have a virtual constructor. But we can have
virtual destructor which is defined in Answer #2

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What is virtual constructor paradigm?..

Answer / subhashish sen

Hi Priyanka Kokil,

What ever u have answered its not 100% correct..As we know
for every virtual function in a class one VTABLE is created
internally and constuctor is an entity who intializes this
VTABLE for all virtual functions of a class.For example if
we have a base class and a derived class derived from
it,then 2 VTABLE will be created one for base and one for
derived class.So if you make constructor as virtual then
who will create VTABLE for this constructor.Thats why
constructor can never be virtual.

Thanks!!!!!If u have ny suggession plz reply..

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What is virtual constructor paradigm?..

Answer / priyanka kokil

A virtual destructor is one that is declared as virtual in
the base class and is used to ensure that destructors are
called in the proper order. It is to be remembered that
destructors are called in the reverse order of inheritance.
If a base class pointer points to a derived class object
and we some time later use the delete operator to delete
the object, then the derived class destructor is not called.

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What is virtual constructor paradigm?..

Answer / priyanka kokil

Hi Subhashish Sen,

Thanks for your response and adding more details to my


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