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HCL C++ General Interview Questions
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Write the program form Armstrong no in c++?

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what do you mean by memory management operators

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What is static function and static class?

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What is the difference between reference type and pointers.

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What is the output of the following 3D Array int arr[3][2][2]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12}; what is the output for arr[2][1][0]?

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int main() { int i ,a[i]; i = 0; a[i] = 10; cout<< a[i] << endl; return 0; } What will be output of this program?

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Write a C/C++ program to show the result of a stored procedure "PROC_RESET_MAIL" on database "USER_NOTIFY".

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What is command line arguments in C++? What are its uses? Where we have to use this?


Can class objects be passed as function arguments?


Can non graphic characters be used and processed in C++?


Define whitespace in C++.


Give 10 points of differences between C & C++.


What is the function of I/O library in C++ ?


How many ways can a variable be initialized into in C++?


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HCL C++ General Interview Questions

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Dear all I need an advice about sqa field last year i have completed my graduation in computer engineering and i have just started my career as Software engineer in QA field and working in a software company. The problem is that I am very confused about my career in this field because I want to know that how much it's necessary that the programming concepts and the programming should be strong if the person is working as a sqa engineer if i talk about myself i can create logic with respect to programming but for me it's very difficult to implement my logic in form of code and is programming field has strong scope over sqa field and as a sqa engineer what will be my prestige in front of programmers. I want to know what appourtinutes i will get in this field after some period of time and what will be the next step(desigination)in that field.Kindly reply Regards


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