What is normalization ?

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What is normalization ?..

Answer / sohail

Normalization is a rule applied on the database table in
order to remove redundancy of data.

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What is normalization ?..

Answer / lakshmi

Normalization is the process of breaking of data and
storing it into different tables to reduce the redundency
and to avoid nulls

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What is normalization ?..

Answer / suresh somayajula

Normalization is the process of organizing the table to
remove redundancy.

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What is normalization ?..

Answer / amruta

It is a step by step process to decompose or brake a large
table into smaller no of tables. To eliminate Insertion,
updating and deletion anomalies.

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What is normalization ?..

Answer / abc

normalization is a process to remove data redundancy

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What is normalization ?..

Answer / ganesh

Normalization is the process of splitting a table into
smaller units to avoid redundancy and reducing the retrieval
time of a data. Let consider if your table having more than
one million records. Now you want to pick up the name or
data of a particular person in a table. It will take much
time to display the data. To overcome this drawback we user

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What is normalization ?..

Answer / dhivya

Normalization is a process of designing a database in which
the redundancy is avoided. It includes several Normal forms
namely 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF, 5NF etc...

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What is normalization ?..

Answer / seenuvasan.a

It is a process of the analysing the given relation schemas based on their Functional Dependency(FDs) and primary key to achieve the properties,

-> Minimizing redundancy.
-> Minimizing insertion,deletion,and update anomalies.

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What is normalization ?..

Answer / priya

can you explain with example...

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