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CTS Core Java Interview Questions
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if two references are having same hash codes,is that means those are refering to same object?

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How to add two numbers with out using Arithmetic , union operators in java....? But we can use bitwise operators... but how...?

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What are the OOAD concepts in java explain with examples?

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What is Session and cookies?Explain in detail with an example?

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Can i have abstract class with no abstract methods?

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IN java collections we have both interfaces and classes. instead of using interfaces why we can't use classes only like that why we can't use interfaces only. why we need two things interface and class.

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why java does compile time polymorphism at run time ?

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What will happen if we write code like: try{}catch(exception e)catch(IOException i)

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can any body tell me? does advance java and j2ee both are same.

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what is deadlock in threads? with example

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what is the difference between applet and swing and gui application in java . What we do with the collections set and list interface

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CTS Core Java Interview Questions

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