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Cap Gemini SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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please inform cofigurations path ( back end) for date specifications IT 0041

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What are the grouping which should me maintained for payroll structure.

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Total How many structures are their in sap hr.And what are they.

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We are creating wage types for Hourly EE & Salary EE, but where you are differentiating them and how?

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What are infotypes in OM which are related to FI & HR and how they are used for Both modules?And what is infty 1013 how & where its used?

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What is the current BSI version in US payroll?

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what is mean bu SMM methodology.What are the steps involved in this methodology.How to use this methodology.When do we prefer this methodology.How differ it from ASAP Methodology.what are the advantages of this methodology over ASAP Methodology.

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What is mean by evaluation path in OM How it was used.What are steps involved in evaluation path.

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1.can we run payroll without creating of Org Mgt and PA? 2.what is the difference b/w country grouping and user grouping?

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what is the T.Code for Symbolic Account

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what is meant by Residence Tax Area and Work Tax Area and what is the difference the between these two and what are you going to maintain in Residence Tax Area and Work Tax Area

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what is the difference between IT2000 and IT2002

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Cap Gemini SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions

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