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Cap Gemini Cognos Interview Questions
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----------------What is Surrogate Key?

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Diff b/w surrogate Key and Primary Key?

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------------------- What is Busschema?

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How will u execute a stored procedute from a reportstudio

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How u provide security to reports in report studio or in cognos connection?

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diff b/w layout calculation and query calculation

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I have tables like tableA&tableB,in tableB columns(sno,month,netrevenue,year),by using both the tables we hava to create list columns like(country,month,net revenue)when i run the report if my retrevenue'0'this plasa i want to display'NULL'

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I have a value prompt in my prompt page.Now if I set the filter to required then I have to select a value from the list and I will get the respective data in the report page.But If I select nothing then I will get the complete data in the report page. I want that if I select nothing from the prompt list then nothing is displayed in my report page. How should I do this?

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Explain the workflow of your current project from end to end?what is the steps?

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Cap Gemini Cognos Interview Questions

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