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Cap Gemini SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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I have created a sales order, sales order is having 4 line items ,and my requirement is for each line item I want to have separate delivery ,how I can achieve this in SAP ?

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without maintaining condition record for a particular material perhaps price is determine into sales document what could be the reason

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do you know shipping condition? from where it is come?

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what is the movement type for third party sales?

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when we create sales order price on the automatically how it is?

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What is the t code to create process code

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accounting document is not getting generated for sto process. where is the control for this ? Thanks in advance


I'm a consignment fillup we create order for 100 quantity. Then in consignment issue if say 60 quantity is consumed so will we create a consignment issue of only 60 quantity or all 100 quantity. And if it's 60 then how will the system know that 60 is the quantity which is consumed?


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Cap Gemini SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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