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Cap Gemini SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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difference between configuration and customization with examples of real time project

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is it possible to delete an Invoice

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What are the configuration for output should trigger in the evening if we save the billing in morning also.

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Hi experts could you pls give some IDOc interface which is used for SD module

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what is the tax code and what is the use ?

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what is the match code and use?

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1. Credit Control Area can be mapped to Sales Area and Company Code. To which systems gives priority? 2. Whether Credit Memo request will be generated only when Rebate agreement tgt amount is achieved? 3. How to have different Pricing procedure for a Billing Doc and Credit Memo Request? 4. Credit Memo request to Credit Memo: what are the accounting entry changes? 5. Copy Control: Significance of Assignment option? 6. One time customer: How system will react while creating Order using one time customer?


Why we should assign a condition type (ex:pr00)while determining pricing procedure,if we assign PR00 why we should assign that condition type.

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what is the IDoc and ALE,what sd guys does in prerairtion of IDOC

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6. Cut over activity means what?

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Suppose we have maintained 2 output types for delivery, for both we have records. both r displayed in delivery. But clients requirement is to suppress any one of the output type. where is the control?

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why shipping conditions field is present in sales document. even though we have in customer master

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sales order and delivery has been done. But it is not allowing to do billing. what settings has to be done in Incompletion log?

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Hi experts, Here is a question i have faced in one of my interviews Why there is no option of deleting billing document?

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Can we have two pricing procedure in one sakes order

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Cap Gemini SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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