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Cap Gemini Interview Questions
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Find min value of fn: |-5-x| + |2-x|+|6-x|+10-x|; where x is an integer 0 17 23 19

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units digit in expansion os 2 raised to 51 is: 2 4 6 8

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A man engaged a servant on a condn that he’ll pay Rs 90 and also give him a bag at the end of the yr. He served for 9 months and was given a turban and Rs 65. So the price of turban is i. Rs : 10 19 0 55

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please inform cofigurations path ( back end) for date specifications IT 0041

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45 grinders brought @ 2215/-.transpot expense 2190/-.2760/- on octroi . Find SP/piece to make profit of 20% 2585 2225 2670 3325

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Boat goes downstream from P to Q in 2hrs, upstream in 6hrs and if speed of stream was ½ of boat in still water. Find dist PQ 6 4 10 none

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Asish was given Rs. 158 in denominations of Rs 1 each. He distributes these in diff bags, such that ne sum of money of denomination betn 1 and 158 can be given in bags. The min no. of such bags reqd :

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.There is a rectangular Garden whose length and width are 60m X 20m.There is a walkway of uniform width around garden. Area of walkway is 516m^2. Find width of walkway: 1 2 3 4

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What is alternate function for clrscr().

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2x-y=4 then 6x-3y=?

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Fresh Grapes contain 90% water by wt. Dried grapes contain 20% water by %age. What will b wt of dried grapes when we begin with 20 kg fresh grapes

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plz send me,capgemini placement paper

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The walls and roof of a room are 10 m long,8 m wide and 10 m in height is to be painted.How much will it cost at Rs.5 per sq.foot? A.1600 B.2000 C.2200 D.2400

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suspense account willbe transfer to

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Find the ratio of the areas of the regular hexagons inscribed in and circumscribed around a circle of radius 10cm.

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Cap Gemini Interview Questions

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