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HCL Networking Administration Interview Questions
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Difference between STP and RSTP?

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What are the different port role in STP and RSTP?

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What are the different states of STP?


How frequent the STP information will be exchanged


Whether the default hello timer value is same across STP,RSTP and MSTP


How a switch will identify that it has received a STP packet


What is the Multicast address used in STP ?


What is MSTP ?

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When you connect two redundant links of switch to hub to form a loop , and when the switch receives its own BPDU what it will do.


Why we are going to RSTP?

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How would you monitor and maintain the local area network, email, internet & intranet systems to ensure data security and prevent occurrence of faults?


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HCL Networking Administration Interview Questions

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