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HCL COBOL Interview Questions
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I have sequential file recl 1000 i want to add another 15 bytes to it. The record length should not change..How?

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I have a cobol program with a sub program. How ca i find that it is a dynamic call? or static call..?

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i have mainprogram and subgram...if i compile mainprogram without stop run..what will u get in compilation time?

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i have mainprogram and subgram...if i compile mainprogram without stop run..what will u get in compilation time?

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what is difference between cobol and cobol/400

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what is record label is empty or standard in file description of data division?

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I have a Flat file in which certain records are present in a tabular format. I need to extract some of the records on some basis from it and copy them into a flat it can be done ??

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How to recover a deleted source physical file from library?

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I have a program with an Array of 5000 occurences which is being passed from 5 sub levels to the front end screen. Thess 5 programs using each 5*2 = 10 different arrays with size as 5000. This is causing the transaction to utilize more storage consupmtion. I am looking to reduce the storage consumption. As part of that initially i thought Dynamic array may solve my problem. After viewing the comments given i see its same as normal array. IS there any other way we can resolve this issue?


If a file has 1000 records.. if i have to replace the first and last characters of the file with another character. how it can be done....

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If my program receives input feed from program in other system.. if the receiving field size is less than the sending field.. what abend will be happening.

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How to read the 2nd last record of a VSAM file? (The file size is huge and we don't know the key)


Difference between array and sub-script ?


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HCL COBOL Interview Questions

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