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how you read control card into array?

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how you read control card into array?..

Answer / shwetha

Consider the Controll Card(Sysin) as an infile to the

JS010 EXEC PGM=pgm,

INFILE DD DSN=xxxx.xxxx.SYSIN(control card),
(Where xxxx.xxxx.SYSIN -Sysin PDS)

Read it as an infile and download it to the Table defined
in your Program.

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how you read control card into array?..

Answer / kssb78

Yes Shweta is correct.

The alternate way to execute is to read the inputs in
control card DD statement SYSIN is using a ACCEPT statement
and move it into a working storage variable

Later using a subscript / index we can move the value into
an array.

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how you read control card into array?..

Answer / lu

I don't understand your question ???? give an example...
Array is a table using by subscript...

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