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HCL Data Stage Interview Questions
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how to handle null values in sequential file?

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1.what is materialized data? to view the materialized data?


what are the types of nodes

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how to unlock a locked job in datastage 8.0

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Hi everyone,I have kept a project Sales And Distribution for a pharmaceutical company.can anybody explain one complex business rule that we had in our project and how did you accomplish it using DS?



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how to read 100 records at a time in source a) hw is it fr metadata Same and b) if metadata is nt same?


Hi Friends, I have a input data like, class_id Marks 101 50 101 60 101 40 102 90 102 35 And i want my output data like class_id Marks Rank 101 50 2 101 60 1 101 40 3 102 90 1 102 35 2 how to do this in datastage?

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Hi Can any one help regarding below INPUT NAME LOC Ram hyd Ram ban Raj chn Raj Pun Sam del OUPUT NAME LOC Ram Hyd ban Raj chn pun sam del

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hi i am madan, in real time data stage who is the source provide? and how to recevied in developer? Pls send me answer 

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input Name Salay Sam 10 Sam 30 Sam 20 Ram 40 Ram 50 Output should be Name Salary Count Sam 10 3 Ram 40 2 get min salary and count of name . OutPut 2 Name Seq Sam 1 Sam 2 Sam 3 Ram 1 Ram 2

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HCL Data Stage Interview Questions

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