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HCL SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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what is the correct way of selection statement a. select/from/table_name/orderby/groupby/having b. select/from/table_name/groupby/having/orderby

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what is HASH join?

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how to create table with in the procedure or function?

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What is the Diff b/w Constraints and Trigeer

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is it necessary to write group by and order by clause together

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I Have A Table Like This. Cityno Cityname Mails 1 Bangalore 8km 2 Hsr Layout 20km 3 Mejistic 30km 4 Jayadeva 55km 5 Itpl 80km 6 Hebbal 115km I Have Data Like This I Want O/p Like This Distance No.ofcity 0-50km 3 51-100km 2 101-150km 4 And So On

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when normalization is required

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HP Interview -2016 Unix 1) grep command in unix 2) what is set command

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If we update a complex view, is base table will get update ?

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Can procedure in a package be overloaded?


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HCL SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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