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HCL Interview Questions
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Major expressions used with find command to select file is it has been accessed in more than 375 days,is A)-a time +365 B) -m time +365 C)-a time -365 D) -m time -365

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Q2. Pipe A takes 16 min to fill a tank. Pipes B and C, whose cross-sectional circumferences are in the ratio 2:3, fill another tank twice as big as the first. If A has a cross-sectional circumference that is one-third of C, how long will it take for B and C to fill the second tank? (Assume the rate at which water flows through a unit cross-sectional area is same for all the three pipes.)

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please anyone post the answer for. tell me about yourself?

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a circle is drawn...roughly in paper...the interviewer asked me to find centre point of circle?the radius,circumference is not known?how to find it?

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2.For the Delta- Wye transformation in given figure, the value of the resistance R is.


Q1. Given a collection of points P in the plane, a 1-set is a point in P that can be separated from the rest by a line, .i.e the point lies on one side of the line while the others lie on the other side. The number of 1-sets of P is denoted by n1(P). The minimum value of n1(P) over all configurations P of 5 points in the plane in general position(.i.e no three points in P lie on a line) is


The whole thing moves/ (B) around the concept of building a small dynamic/(C) organisation into a larger one./(D) No error.

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Hi, I forgot rollnumber for Intelligence Bureau officer held on 20ll. How to find my roll number, plz help me.

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what is difference between goal and aim?

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what is the next number in the series 3,26,15,124,

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In SAP MM where the Material Master Data And Vendor Master Data Stored

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what is the value of the earth resistance in mositure place

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aptitude questions

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Ramesh and his grandfather differ in their ages by 60 years. After 5 years, if the sum of their ages will be hundred years, what is the present age of Ramesh?

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HCL Interview Questions

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What is the basic rule for block diagram reduction technique?


in a jcl, a large volume dataset is loaded to a table using bmcload in step1 and an image copy of the loaded table is taken using bmccopy in step2. Step2 abends because the image copy dataset cannot hold the volume of the table. How can this be rectified?


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