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HCL Interview Questions
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if (x-a) power(degree) is 1 and (x-a)(x-b) power is 2 then (x-a)(x-b).........upto ...(x-z) power(degree) is how much?

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how disable usb device in group policy editor all configure tell me early


Which is the Magic word in English?

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which is cause for swine flue?

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If A:B =5:9, B:C=3:8 then A:B:C=?

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arrange this letters in 3 words A F O T I G W I U Y N O R

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It comes once in a year and twice in a week what is that?

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find missing no 5 12 3 15 13 ?

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find missing no 6 7 8 8 8 ?

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find missing no 15 13 12 12 11 11 ?

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find missing no 5 12 23 30 17 8 ? 3

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I am interested in bpo non voice HCL BPO there is a written test i.e)aptitude contains basic grammer,20 aptitude ques,basic networking ques.pls help me to clear this test.

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I have two coins for 75 paise.1 coin is not 50 paise, how?

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Sir / madam, My question is In selling an article for Rs.76, there is profit of 52%. If it is sold for Rs.75 the profit percent will be a. 44 b. 46 c. 48 d. 50 Advance Thanks, R.Rengaraj {SCE 12/2008/Pg 2 of 85} {On this forum my 1st Question.}

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I Need Change For 100 Rs It Should Not Be 10 Rs Notes But It Should Contain 10 Notes, Any Ideas?

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HCL Interview Questions

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