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HCL Core Java Interview Questions
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what is webservices?

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Which all r Final classes in java except string?

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string is immutable? right every one knows that, my question is it advantage or disadvantage making string immutable?

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whats string ?

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what is bmg file and how to create that files?what will it contailn?


what is main purpose of interface?

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Can we place the any object to key attribute of HashMap?

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StringBuilder s = new StringBuilder("Hello Mom");s.append(",I mean,Mother"); Response.Write(s.ToString()); String s = "Hello Mom"; s+ = ",I mean Mom"; Response.Write(s); Which is faster ? which uses the most memory?

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In method overloading ,if i change the return type to Long instead of INT,is the program execute

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wat is class level lock and object level lock

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is it possible to add a object in a HASHMAP

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why use interface? if interface declear a method implement in class. why direct implement method in class

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There can be a abstract class without abstract methods, but what is the need to declare a class abstract if it doesn't contain abstract methods?

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Advantages of Inheritance in java.

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What are the types of classes in java?

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HCL Core Java Interview Questions

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