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HCL Core Java Interview Questions
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In Serialization, whether you will use Static variables?

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what is difference Between Core Java and advance java

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what is difference between class and object?

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explain oops concepts with examples?

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who was the founder of java

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how you will prevent method overriding?

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whats is inheritance?

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whays is mean by inner class?

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class A{ class B{ } } in which name u save the file,its the program compile?

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class A { class B { psvm(String args[]) { } } } if the prg saved in whats the o/p?

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wahts is mean by thread?

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whats the diff between jsp and servlets?

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What is Vector?Can you elaborate how Vector is Thread safe?

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how to handle exceptions in ejb?

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what is difference betweem home interface and remote interface?


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HCL Core Java Interview Questions

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