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CTS COBOL Interview Questions
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How do u sort the table for Search ALL? Is it only using ASCENDING KEY IS statement in occurs clause? If the data is input in non ascending order, will the ASC KEY IS automatically sort the data? or will it throw compile time error?

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If i initialize the 01 level variable in array, will it initialize all the array elements (occurs)?

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How do you fetch current date in normal cobol pgm and in cobol-db2 pgm?

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can we declare s9(9)v9(9) in cobol ? if yes how many bytes it will occupy ?(urgent plz answer it)

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At the minimum, which division of COBOL is enough to be coded?

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how to crack cts interview apps? NOVEMBER 21 2010

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How will 128 be saved in s9 (3) comp-3 How will 12 be saved in s9 (2) comp

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I have sequential file recl 1000 i want to add another 15 bytes to it. The record length should not change..How?

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I have 100 records in a file.. i want to sort the records from 5 to 5o... give the syntax...

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When we code these comp,comp1,comp-2,comp-3 and comp4 values. I know the differnece.I mean when we will prefer if it is new program.Explain in detail with memory examples. Thanks in advance.

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In INITIALIZE what is Repalcing Word will do

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I have put two write operations in a single para for two different conditions.Will that lead to an abend or run successfully and write two records?

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CTS COBOL Interview Questions

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