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CTS Informatica Interview Questions
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how can u approach u r client

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how can u tune u r informatica mapppings

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what are testing in a mapping level please give brif eplanation

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what is the diff b/w target load plan and cbl?

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Without using Lookup & Sequence Generator, How to generate Sequence?

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What is ThroughPut in Informatica, How it works, Where I can find this option to check ?

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Dependecy Errors in Informatica ? Do u got any dependency problems while running session? Can any one Explain Clearly.

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If the source has duplicate records as id and name columns, values: 1 a, 1 b, 1 c, 2 a, 2 b,the target shd be loaded as 1 a+b+c or 1 a||b||c, what transformations shd be used for this?

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What is the difference between bitmap and btree index?

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What is a candidate key?

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i had a source containing business,sales,details column and i have to load it to a target but i have some bad records in it , but i have to load 70% of business records and 50% of sales and 95% of details records excluding bad records to achieve this what should be done and what all logic and tx should be used can anyone help? thanks in advance


What are the hard ware required for a normal sized data warehouse? and What are the software required for a normal kind of data warehouse?

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source : col1 101 101 101 102 102 102 103 103 103 col2 1000 1500 2000 1200 2300 3000 2400 1300 2000 i need target as col1 101 102 103 col2 1000,1500,2000 1200,2300,3000 2400 1300 2000

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When we are using Dynamic Cache,which options we will select in session level?

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Hi, Can you please send me the Informatica 8 certification exam dumps to my email id Thanks, Revathi.

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CTS Informatica Interview Questions

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