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CTS C Interview Questions
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convert 0.9375 to binary

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write a “Hello World” program in “c” without using a semicolon?

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what is available in C language but not in C++?

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wt is diference between int and int pointer as same as float and float pointer and char and char pointer

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what is difference between array,strutter,union and pointers

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25. It takes five minutes to pass a rumour from one person to two other persons. The tree of rumour continues. Find how many minutes does it take spread the rumour to 768 persons. ?

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who is the father of C Language?

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Hi can anyone tell what is a start up code?


Difference between data structure and data base.

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wat is the meaning of c?

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define switch statement?

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main() { int a=4,b=2; a=b<>2; printf("%d", a); }

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how to use virual function in real time example

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What is the output of the program #include #include void main() {0 int i,j=20; clrscr(); for(i=1;i<3;i++) { printf("%d,",i); continue; printf("%d",j); break; } getch(); }

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CTS C Interview Questions

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