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Cap Gemini Informatica Interview Questions
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how can run the wf through pmcmd commend? write script?

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How to eliminate duplicate records in informatica mapping? Explain with an example....

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How will restrict values in 0-9 and A-Z and a-z and special character.Only allowed these chars otherwise we will reject the records? what is the function we used to restrict...

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How will restrict values in 0-9 and A-Z and a-z and special character.Only allowed these chars otherwise we will reject the records? what is the function we used to restrict...

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if suppose i have 3 columns namely 1,2,3 in table a and 1,2,3 in table b Now in table a 1,2 and table b 1,2 columns are having same based on this two columns either data should get inserted or updated. How do i write a sql query to check whether the data is populated correctly or not

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in a table it has 200 rows the query is select 150 from tablename.whats the output

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a soure table has 100 records how to load into 3 target tables in a cumulative order source target1 target2 target3 --------- ------------------------------------- 1-100 1 2 3 4 5 6 - - - 98 99 100

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The Source coloumns are A,B,C with data row1- 10,20,30 row2- 40,50,60 row3-70,80,90 and so on. In the target I want one coloumn with the following data, Coloumn-X, row1-10,row2- 20,row3-30,row4-40,row5-50 and so on. How to achieve this?

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i have source file data empno,ename,sal 100,ram,1000 200,tyu,2000 300,gh,3000 out put as e empno,ename,sal 100,ram,null 200,tyu,1000 300,gh,2000 how to load it?

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I want expect first and last record remaining all records will be loaded into target? which transformations we can use?

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source : xml file target: xml file how can we check data loaded into target xml file using writing sql query. pls help on this asap.


What is limitations of truncate and load option

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1 2 3 * 4 5 6 * 7 8 9 how to load records between two stars(*),

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Examples of Fatal & Non-Fatal error?

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My source data like... Empid Name 10 chandra 10 sekhar I am expecting result is Empid Ename 10 Chandrasekhar How can we solve this prob?

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Cap Gemini Informatica Interview Questions

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